Paradise on Earth in Japan - own racetrack

Paradise on Earth in Japan - own racetrack

In a realm where the boundaries between dreams and reality blur, envision yourself as a magnate, possessed by the singular desire to craft your personal racetrack. Naturally, you'd enlist the expertise of a renowned F1 track designer, proceeding to sculpt your vision atop a mountain, fashioning your dream course amidst nature's grandeur. Such is the saga of the billionaire CEO behind Japan's illustrious Magarigawa Club – an enclave of opulence perched majestically, overlooking the awe-inspiring vistas of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay.

The grand unveiling transpired on a balmy July 29th, 2023, heralded by a procession of supercars, as the gates swung open to an exclusive membership. Top Gear's intrepid explorer, Tom Brown, found himself navigating the serpentine 2.17-mile circuit astride a borrowed 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS – a vehicular dream incarnate. Fortunate indeed are those who tread upon such hallowed asphalt.

Akin to a phoenix rising from the Japanese mountainscape, the Magarigawa stands as Asia's maiden private racing domain, a testament to human ingenuity and audacity. Nestled within the undulating terrain of the Chiba Prefecture, a mere hour's journey from bustling Tokyo, this racing utopia unfurls with 22 exhilarating corners. Yet, fear not, for while the challenge is eminent, it remains within the grasp of even the novice supercar enthusiast. Ascending gradients comprise a modest twenty percent, while descents make up a tantalizing sixteen percent, with gleaming stretches of straightaways spanning a resplendent 800 meters.

But the allure of Magarigawa extends far beyond the racetrack's edge. Within the club's confines lies a veritable oasis of indulgence – an air-conditioned pit lane, tended by skilled mechanics poised to cater to every whim of its esteemed members. Following adrenaline-fueled escapades on the asphalt, guests can luxuriate in an infinity pool, partake in a gourmet repast, or unleash their inner crooners within the confines of the karaoke room. As the night unfolds, one can only imagine the melodic strains of Cardi B's "Money" or Panic at the Disco's "Hey Look Ma I Made It" reverberating through the halls, a harmonious ode to wealth and achievement.

Behind the veil of splendor lies a tender narrative – the genesis of Magarigawa was birthed from familial bonds. The club's visionary sought solace in a sanctuary where he could revel alongside his beloved wife and daughters, a refuge far removed from the clamor of urban life. A glance at the club's online portfolio reveals a mosaic of family-centric events and amenities – from leisurely drives along the track to the delights of the playground, dog park, and verdant nature trails enveloping the Magarigawa. Here, amidst the verdant embrace of nature, the dreams of a privileged few find fruition, in the heart of Japan's premier racing haven.

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